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During my previous trip to Canada in September 2018, I was able to go to a Montreal go club. This club, north of the Plateau, Baubian subway stop, is located in a tea and go room! The owner, herself a go player, wanted to make go more accessible to players (or not) in Montreal. Indeed, before the creation of the go club in Senthé,two go clubs existed in Montreal. These two clubs, which are still present, are located at McGill and Concordia universities in central Montreal and therefore lack visibility. It is impossible for a new player passing in front of one of these universities to know that there is a club inside. At the Senthé, it's much more convenient, since "Go game" is marked on the front door.

The front of the Senthé: it is difficult to see, but go room is marked on the left


The functioning of the lounge is quite similar to what you can find in Japan: the player pays a certain rate to play go all afternoon, without any obligation to consume. There is also the possibility to consume and play go. The level of the players goes from beginner to 6 dan, so it is quite simple to find an opponent of his level.

The interior of the tea room is pleasant, with a space at the back that is privileged by go players. There is a space with go books at the disposal of the players, with the mangas "Hikaru no Go", the famous series of mangas (at least among go players) on go. When I was there, an exhibition by an artist decorated the walls. In addition, a shelf with tea tableware makes the space warm and pleasant. It was a delight to play go here with a cup of tea in hand!


Inside the club, with the library on the right

I have been three times to the Senthé during my stay in Montreal. I was able to have the opportunity to chat with some members, to play go and... corner with them, some players playing it much more than go! So I spent my last afternoon playing cornerball with three other players, whereas I had originally planned to play go. It was a very nice moment, and then we shared a beer at a bar not far from the club where I could play a go game against Rémi Campagnie. This one, much stronger than me, beat me, despite the fact that he told me that he was spending more time on the corner than on go at the moment...

So it was a great experience for me, and I thank the players for those moments, especially Vincent, Rémi and Manuel with whom I was able to play go and corner, Lydia for her welcome and that bitter defeat at the corner (and the others whose names I can no longer remember but with whom I spent some good times). I hope to meet some of the club's players at future tournaments!

Information on how to get to the Senthé :

6547 Saint-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2M5
Sundays from 1pm to 5pm and Wednesdays evenings from 7pm.
Courriel du propriétaire :                                                                                                                                                                                             Facebook des joueurs de go :




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